Systematic Oppression/Identity development

Racial issues along with all the other "ism" including sexism, classism, able-ism, hetero-sexism continue to be a challenge in the world we live in as they have been throughout history. However, although the root cause may be the same, navigating the "ism" in a modern world can be a challenge. The general public has become at least a little more well versed on using the proper language in an attempt to reduce the impact of "isms". However, if the language does not lead to a change in behavior, people who involuntarily or voluntarily identify with any "ism" will continue to fall victim to oppression. This oppression can exist on multiple different levels from a global/societal perspective zooming into one household or from your family of origin. Oftentimes we attribute oppression to the doings of the government or history but fail to realize that oppression can exist in places and people that are very near and dear to us. Although the oppression that is closest to you is the result of a larger system of oppression, it can be more of a challenge and more hurtful coming from the faces and places that are more familiar and seemly more trustworthy. Oppression is not a disorder in and of itself. However, being oppressed over a long period of time can lead to stress or a diagnosis that would be well served with psychotherapy. A culturally competent therapist could help support these individuals by validating their experiences and challenges, supporting efforts to disrupt systems that reinforce "isms", and collaborating with you in navigating the current world structure in a way that regulates your nervous system and feel secure in your identity as a whole.

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