Obsessions-Compulsive disorder is a mental illness that results in obsessions and compulsions. Obsessions are reoccurring and persistent thoughts, urges, and images that are experienced as intrusive and unwanted. Compulsions are repetitive behaviors or mental acts  that an individual feels riven to perform in response to an obsession according to rules that must be applied indigently. This disorder is often portrayed in the media or used to describe someone's personal preference or quirks. However, OCD is characterized by a specific set of symptoms that can really be debilitating and have a major impact on the individuals functioning. OCD should be diagnosed by a trained professional and usually requires extensive support and treatment. Treatment for OCD involves utilizing exposure techniques to help retrain the brain and de-sensitize pathways that have high-jacked the individual's thought process and actions. Treatment for OCD differs from other types of anxiety because it is not well treated with talk therapy alone. OCD requires repeated and on-going exposures with the support of a trained professional. 

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