Consultation/Supervision services available for LPC and counseling students by Nelicia Butler, MA, LCPC, CCTP

Supervision is a process whereby one person is designated to facilitate the professional development and therapeutic competence of another person or persons. I have chosen to conduct my supervision using a model that employs three roles: teacher, coach, mentor, and consultant. I work to encourage and support your unique qualities while also providing guidance as needed to further your development as a treatment provider. I emphasize the importance of your well-being in providing the best care for clients. 

In addition to the roles mentioned above, I will assist you in focusing on the following skill and knowledge areas: process, personal awareness, conceptualizing, and administration. The process skills comprise counseling techniques and other essential aspects of the interview process. Personal awareness refers to those aspects of your experience that relate to you as a person and the various influences that occur between counselor and client, and vice versa. Conceptualizing focuses on how you think about, plan for, and analyze your cases. The administration function covers other aspects of counseling including, but not limited to: case note writing, ethics, licensure, and business practices. Our relationship will be professional in nature and built upon mutual respect and trust. My supervision will be consistent with the ethical standards set forth by the 2014 ACA Code of Ethics. Although the focus of supervision will be on you and your professional development as a counselor, a primary concern will be client care.

$80 per session for individuals trainees

$50 per session per trainee for groups of 2-5 trainees

Practicum and Internships available 

Please contact us to learn more about supervision services or opportunities for internships at[email protected]

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