Stress management/Burnout

Stress can be both healthy and unhealthy. Healthy stress can help you build up your endurance and add meaning to your life. However, unhealthy stress is overwhelming and moves too fast in the same way that you can overdo it with an exercise routine or diet. Stress or burnout can be understood as an imbalance of resources in comparison to your personal responsibilities, obligations, and tasks. For example, maybe you have 10 hours of work to do with only 8 hours of energy to accomplish such tasks. The current fast paced world that we live in is often very demanding and pressuring the idea that you could always be doing more. Not that this isn't true but in order to do more we have to be realistic and understand that doing more is not always the answer. Stress is something that either will or has impacted every living being. However, when stress begins to affect your physical and mental health, psychotherapy can be a useful tool to help restructure your current habits and lifestyle. Oftentimes this is a simple solution that can relatively quickly shift your mood and regulate your nervous system. We are machines and we have to know how to properly work the machine in order to get the most out of it.

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