Mental health is a topic that is beneficial for all. As a result, we have incorporated a format that allows for 2 hour retreats that can be conducted in a community space or at a corporate event to address common mental health challenges for larger groups. Some of our favorite topics to share with groups include self-care, mindfulness, and work/life balance. However, please reach out to us to inquire about other topics and to provide more information about the group to be served. We love to spread the message about managing your mental health to the general public in a way that is both professional and informed. Give us a call or send us an email to inquire more about our retreats.


In the modern world there are new and challenging issues that can be difficult to navigate while maintaining the interest of an organization as a whole, while also being sensitive and considerate of the individuals you serve or the individuals who work for an organization. As a result, we have added an additional service that allows a trained clinician to provide feedback and insights on navigating difficult situations for community and corporate leads. For individual organization consultations, your concerns will be individually assessed and addressed from a clinical and sociological perspective that seeks to meet the needs of your organization and those you serve. We can also host training for organization leaders to enhance an inclusivity within an organization. Inclusivity leads to greater employee retention, productivity, and trust. One of our most popular trainings is titled "Corporate Diversity: Why it is not enough to just have black face in corporate spaces". However, please contact us to inquire about other topics and issues related to inclusivity and mental health. We may be able to develop training to suit your organization's needs. Give us a call or send us an email to inquire more about our consultation and/or training services.

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